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We've been here awhile.  For better or worse, there are not many leagues left who are still in a traditional 4 x 4 league that is operated locally.  We still do our own stats.  We still have four formal meetings each year.  We still have many of our original franchise owners.  

Listed below for the most recent of our many seasons are the League Champions and the names of the franchise owner.  To see the Final Standings for a given year, just click the applicable team name.

As time permits, more data for additional seasons will be added.  These records date back to our original season, 1988, which started in June of that year.  Due to some rather nasty weather in '95, a few years' records are missing, but we'll keep searching and posting.

American League


National League

We'll See 2021 We'll See
?????????? 2020 ??????????
Phil of Dreams 2019 Rhett's Ramblers
Buckner's Glove 2018 Rhett's Ramblers
Mule Skinners 2017 Rhett's Ramblers
AC Power 2016 La Cabra Cubano
Mule Skinners 2015 Rhett's Ramblers
AC Power 2014 Skinner's Revenge
Mule Skinners 2013 Yoo-Hoo Blues
Riverboat Gamblers 2012 Boys of Summer
Sons of Levi 2011 Run DMC
Phil of Dreams 2010 Run DMC
AC Power 2009 Music Men
Punch & Judy 2008 Rock & Roll Express
Mule Skinners 2007 Rock & Roll Express
Riverboat Gamblers 2006 Skinner's Revenge
Punch & Judy 2005 Phat Chance
Statmasters 2004 Rock & Roll Express
AC Power 2003 Stevie's Wonders
Phil of Dreams 2002 Rhett's Ramblers
Rhett Butlers 2001 Yoo-Hoo Blues
AC Power 2000 Renaissance Men
Riverboat Gamblers 1999 Phil of Dreams
AC Power 1998 Skinner's Revenge
AC Power 1997 Skinner's Revenge
Statmasters 1996 Run DMC
Wheelbillies 1995 Swonk Ob
Coots' Crew 1994 Smitty's Smackers
 Eddie & the Cruisers 1993  Farm Club
 2 Legit 2 Quit 1992  Roger's Ramjets
Yellowhammers 1991 Skinner's Revenge
 WW All-Stars  1990  Roger's Ramjets
 WW All-Stars 1989 Skinner's Revenge 
 Not Available 1988  Smith's No-Names

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