Brindlee Mountain Rotisserie Baseball Association

The Secretariat

Our Motto: "May all your injuries be severe ones."

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The Secretariat has become, largely by default, our periodic, though irregular, newsletter.  Its publication is unplanned and unscheduled.  There are no deadlines to meet, so it isn't published very often.  That's OK, because no one's ever bought a single issue.  When it is "published", it's rather newsy, providing info that needs to be distributed to all the owners.  Here are the most recent issues, for your reading pleasure.  

February 10, 2012
February 14, 2011
February 23, 2009
January 26, 2009  
February 2, 2007  
February 8, 2006  
February 1, 2005  

  February 9, 2004  
February 3, 2003
July 22, 2002
February 6, 2002
November 7, 2001
July 6, 2001
March 20, 2001
March 9, 2001

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